I have a number of secondary hobbies.... mostly involving collecting stuff I don't really need. However, one of the hobbies that I am most happy with is a small collection of playing card decks.

This is a great collection to have. A deck will normally set you back about $15 (US), and there are so many cool varieties and different designs out there. You can pick them up while on holiday, just at a local store, or - as I most often do - via Kickstarter campaigns which are often highly limited runs. Each deck has it's own character, and you can decide what features are most interesting to you. For example, I like custom art on the court cards (at least) and decks with a strong theme. I am less concerned with the back design. On top of this, a collection of card decks is pretty easy to store away and doesn't take much space, and its always cool to reach into your bag and pull out a really unusual and unique deck at family afternoons or games nights.

As such, I often find myself browsing Kickstarter, where there are always about 15-20 campaigns for new decks live, and filtering out the decks I have no interest in. So it was, back in February this year when I came across a campaign for a 'Trident Deck' in a cool black and orange, with custom (and awesome) court designs. I bookmarked the campaign and came back two days later to find that the Trident orange deck had sold out as it was highly limited, but this event had unlocked a Sword deck, now in black and turquoise..... I loved this. The colours looked better to me, the box design was amazing (I mean..... check out the pictures of how it fans open!) and the entire set was almost text book for what interests me. So, I backed the campaign to the tune of one deluxe deck, with the cool box, and one regular deck (to actually use).

So, I was super happy when these two decks arrived this week. The box is probably the highlight of the set, but the court and joker designs are very cool and even the standard pipped cards have variant suit markers. In conclusion, I am very happy with this set, and will keep an eye out for further campaigns from the same team. Now..... I must get back to Kickstarter so I don't miss any more cool decks!

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